Enhancing Civil Military Relations in Nigeria Series 1

The tweet meet session held on the 18th May, 2017, was the first series on the enhancement of CMR in Nigeria. The panelist who spoke to the issues are: Dr. Freedom Onuoha (senior lecturer, department of political science, University of Nigeria), Sarah Omega Ajijola, esq (Head, Bar services, NBA), Sadeeq Shehu( regional program manager, Africa & peace keeping centre for civilian in conflict)

It was established by Dr. Freedom Onuoha, that Civil Military Relations in Nigeria has evolved over the years from a state of deep mistrust through antagonism to one of conscious engagement, although pockets of tension still exist in civil military relations. The strained nature of the relationship is a product of historical socio-political experiences. Tensions and contradiction are inevitable features of CMR but Nigeria’s case is quite critical because of the misuse of the military. Military rule helped to incapacitate the police and military engagement in police role is fracturing CMR in Nigeria. Dr. Freedom opined that, although progress has been made in understanding their role as military, however the reality of the ‘policenisation’ of military is a problem.

Major stakeholders must thus amplify the advocacy efforts to strengthen CMR in Nigeria. Progress has been recorded; however more effort is expected from these stakeholders.

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